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Hit Attraction


It's a videoclip composing contest for a party brand. Its heart is the "MovieMaker" based on Flash 8 and AMFPHP.

Past winners

RollingStone Rolling Stone - Orbit Trivia
This small application uses the remoting to gather data from the mySQL database for the display of questions/answers/high scores.
Made with the latest version of AMFPHP and CakePHP's framework.
Broth The Broth
The Broth, The Global Mosaic. A live art collaboration.
Uses AMFPHP, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Flash.
Elgin Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra
The Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra site uses amfphp and swfaddress together to seamlessly provide an SEO database driven flash website.
Darkredz Darkredz
A student's online playground.
Integration with WordPress and sketch book gallery done using AMFPHP.
ADN-X is a teen-oriented television program.
The website allows the creation of personal spaces through a Flash interface.
Users can add backgrounds, characters, text, pictures and slideshows to personalize their space.
Lancel Lancel
Official website of the Lancel Company. Dynamic sections such as "Collections" were made with amfphp.
The Servant The Servant
Official website of the band "the servant".
Hear Music Starbucks Hear Music
Starbucks Hear Music was recently completely redesigned with a new AMFPHP powered Flash website that allows their audience to discover what hot new music is playing at Starbucks.
Square Circle Square Circle
Square Circle is a London based full-service creative agency.
Made using AMFPHP, MySQL and Flash.
El Father El Father
Hector El Bambino is one of the principal examples of reggeaton genre music.
With a complete CMS solution using AMFPHP his team can publish news and events, videos, mp3's and much more...
dGrOb dGrOb
dGrOb stands for dynamic Graphic Objects. It is a graphic development environment. The user uses graphic objects that represent the instructions, and creates programs connecting their inputs and outputs.
Edipix Edipix
Edipix is online image editing tool. The available image manipulations include cropping, image compositing, text, geometry figures and drawing overlaying. The produced image could be sent to mobile phone using WAP-push or MMS technology.
MadeInMTL is Montreal's urban operator, a tourism site for Montrealers themselves. The new version of MadeInMTL uses amfphp with gzip output compression, integrated Yahoo! Maps, and a massive amount of tourism information.
Mecano Mecano
Agency site.
idflux IdFlux
Online service dedicated to the recruitment of creative artists specialized in imaging.
warner channel Warner Channel
Trantor Trantor
A 3D flash chat site built using Flash MX 2004, AmfPhp, MySql
arizzon Arizzon
E-shop, AMFPHP, MX 2004 PRO
tetris Tetris

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